ID Sl No Teacher Class Stream Title Subject Discussion Date Discussion Time Action
1471FAKHAR uddinTDC 1ST YEARARTSEconomicsFunctions of money2021-08-3111:00 am
1852Dr Nazrul Haque BarbhuiyaTDC 2ND YEARARTSENGLISHGulliver Travels2021-09-083:00 pm
1863Ataur RahmanTDC 1ST YEARARTSPolitical science,GeneralPreamble of the Constitution of India2021-09-0811:15 am
2074Ataur RahmanTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical science, HCPolitical Culture, types (HC4016)2021-09-1011:00 am
2235Sayed AhmedTDC 2ND YEARARTSEconomics (hon)General Equilibrium2021-09-1311:04 am
2266Ataur RahmanTDC 1ST YEARARTSPolitical science,RC /HG2016Fundamental Rights2021-09-1511:00 am
2517Ataur RahmanTDC 1ST YEARARTSPolitical science,GeneralDirective Principles of Policies2021-09-2211:15 am
2608Ataur RahmanTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical science, HCInstitutionalism2021-09-2412:00 pm
2689Kabita deviTDC 3RD YEARARTSAssameseHonors2021-11-174:00 pm
27110Kabita deviTDC 2ND YEARARTSAssamese CC (MIL)বিষাদ যোগ2021-11-173:00 pm